Wandsworth ends Meals on Wheels – and pays Town Hall boss £254,000

Guest post by the GMB union

A delegation of GMB members has called on the General Purposes Committee of Wandsworth Council this evening not to go ahead with the proposal to end the daily delivery of hot meals on wheels service for elderly, disabled and frail residents from 1st April 2013.

If the proposals go ahead residents will have to make their own arrangements to get a daily hot meal.

The GMB delegation, of council staff in meals on wheels, will tell councillors that of the people who will no longer get a hot meal delivered 3 are blind and can’t open door or a meal,  2 are partially sighted, 24 are mentally ill and not aware of time or days, 4 are mentally disabled, 5 have Alzheimer’s, 13 suffer from dementia , 2 are profoundly deaf, 8 have mental health problem undefined, 17 are physically disabled and need assistance to open meal, 11 who are wheelchair bound unable to open door 4 have a drink related disability and 1 has a drink and drugs related disability.

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