Winstanley Estate regeneration: How to improve the plan

Wandsworth council’s Planning Applications Committee will this week consider a proposal for the Winstanley Estate regeneration (see the full application here).

The Winstanley Estate desperately needs investment after years of neglect.

Labour councillors were proud to agree a deal with the council where: all tenants and leaseholders get new homes on the estate; there will be a new school, church and leisure centre; and a new green space at the heart of the estate.

However, since that deal was agreed the council has added 500 extra units to the scheme, largely in private tower blocks.

We want the Winstanley Estate to get the investment it so desperately needs. But there is a risk that this regeneration is turning into a good deal for property developers and a bad deal for local people.

Councillor Kate Stock and I have sent a response to the Planning Applications Committee outlining our concerns about the regeneration plan as Latchmere ward councillors.

This includes our concerns over affordable housing, the height of towers, jobs for local people, communication with residents and the environmental impact.

Read our full letter on the Winstanley Estate regeneration

3 thoughts on “Winstanley Estate regeneration: How to improve the plan

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  2. There is an article about the latest PR exercise from the Council, following the approval of the redevelopment plans:
    The scheme does not require a few more affordable here and a hundred of Council units there, but a full rethink in term of balance private/affordable as well as in term of size and density.

    The Council might be listening to the local residents with the consultations, unfortunately they don’t hear anything and keep bulldozing through their own vision. There is no deal to agree here, when it’s proven and documented that local residents have been mislead and their concerns ignored.

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