Flood risks in north Battersea


A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency for the River Wandle.

Flooding is possible for the River Wandle Catchment (which includes Wandsworth, Merton, Lambeth, Croydon and Sutton).

Low lying land and roads will be affected first.

River levels are expected to rise through this afternoon (Friday) in response to persistent and heavy rainfall through today. Between 20 and 30mm is forecast and further isolated showers are likely to continue through to Saturday.

Flooding of low lying land and roads is possible. Groundwater levels are high in the area and is maintaining a higher than normal base flows in the river. Property flooding is currently not expected. 

The Environment Agency are closely monitoring the situation and have teams on the ground working to reduce obstructions and maintain flood defences. You can sign up for flood alerts here.

Updates from the Environment Agency South East can be followed on Twitter: @EnvAgencySE. Wandsworth council has issued a press release and the below Q&A: Wandle flood warning.

If you have experienced any problem with  flooding, please let the council know to help with future flood risk planning. Email dtshighwaysconsultancy@wandsworth.gov.uk.


Q: Can I get sandbags from the Council?

A: The Council does not provide sandbags, but will consider requests from vulnerable people (elderly, those with medical conditions etc) on an individual basis.

Q: I have received an alert for flooding of the River Wandle, will I get flooded?

A: An Alert is published when there is a possibility of flooding. This is to encourage the public and emergency and critical services to be alert and to be prepared in the event of a flood.  It does not mean that flooding will occur.

The River Wandle feeds into the tidal Thames and should it overtop (flood) water levels will go down as soon as the tide on the Thames goes out.  There would not be the prolonged flooding that has been seen on the television in other areas where the Thames isn’t tidal.

Q: I have received an alert for flooding of the River Wandle, what should I do?

A: This only means that there is a possibility of flooding and you should continue to monitor the situation.  We would recommend that you purchase suitable products to defend your property; the Flood Forum holds details of suitable products in the Blue Pages go to www.bluepages.org.uk  or you can purchase flood sacks from Travis Perkins (order code 868499 for a pack of 5 sacks).

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