Revealed: Winstanley Estate regeneration plans

IMG_0069This weekend I will join dozens of Labour Party volunteers listening to what local people think about plans to regenerate the Winstanley and York Road estates. The council has revealed the four options for regeneration, which range from refurbishing existing blocks all the way up to demolishing 700 homes and redesigning the estates. You can see the options in detail in this useful booklet: Winstanley and York Road options explained

The aim of the regeneration is to:

• Improve the quality and range of homes
• Create a better quality and more attractive environment
• Create attractive and popular outside spaces
• Improve the design and layout of the neighbourhood
• Create better walking and cycling routes which connect the estates with its surroundings
• Create new jobs and a stronger local economy
• Improve the range and quality of shops
• Ensure new homes meet the Mayor of London’s size and design standards
• Reduce overcrowding
• Solve maintenance and management issues through smart design

Cllr Govindia says in the introduction: “This booklet sets out four different improvement proposals for the Winstanley and York Road estates and asks for your views on their relative pros and cons. These options are not fixed, and they could be blended and combined to form a new outline plan for the area. Your feedback will help decide which aspects are developed further and which are ruled out.

“We understand that there are some very hard choices to make and people will have different views and priorities. But what I think most of us agree on is that the area needs to be improved and that new investment could bring real benefits to local people.
“Some of the options put forward in this booklet propose demolishing existing homes and we fully understand what an unsettling prospect this will be. That’s why we have set out how we would provide advice and assistance to any households affected including the offer of a new home.

“Your responses to this consultation will help decide the masterplan’s overall shape and development approach. The preferred option will then be subject to further discussion and development with you to enable you to influence and refine the scheme.

“This options consultation is at a very important stage in the masterplanning process and the best way to make sure your views are fully understood and recognised is to attend our open days and drop-in sessions where you can talk face-to-face with members of our team.

Have your say and help to shape a brighter future for the Winstanley and York Road communities.”



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