Read all about it: Wandsworth’s housing crisis hits the newspapers

My recent blog post Analysis: ‘Wandsworth fixes rents by elections not economics’ led to quite a lot of interest from the press. Not all of the coverage was balanced, but it has helped to draw attention to an important issue:

Private Eye Article

Private Eye, March 22


South London Press, February 20


Wandsworth Guardian, February 28. The Guardian also ran an article ‘New council map shows “forced” Wandsworth migration’ on March 7, based on a map I found in the appendix of a council report.


Daily Mirror, March 5 & March 6 ran the results of an excellent GMB investigation inspired by figures uncovered by Cllr Tony Belton. See Great Tory Housing Shame and Ex-Council Housing Racket.


Wandsworth Guardian, March 21, leads with comments David Cameron’s Big Society guru made about Battersea’s Winstanley Estate


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