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Police cordon off York Gardens after a shooting

Police cordon off York Gardens after a shooting

Guest post from David Chinchen, Chief Superintendent, Wandsworth Borough Commander

The Neighbourhood Link broadcast system has been adopted by the Metropolitan Police Servce to increase our capability to keep people informed regarding services, crime issues and policing operations. The system allows the transmission of messages by e-mail, voice, fax and/or text to those registered to receive such communications.

Full details of the service together with instructions on how to register are available at the following web address: 

We currently have approximately 400 people registered on the system in Wandsworth and are providing a range of information concerning policing and crime issues within the Borough and beyond.

May I take this opportunity to commend this service to you and ask that you pass on this message on to others who you feel would benefit.


Press Coverage – 26 July 2012 – Assaults at medical premises in Wandsworth

Media coverage yesterday may have given the impression that there has been is a series of sexual attacks in the Borough and a suspect remains at large. This is not the case and I have taken this opportunity to provide the facts and reassure those who may be concerned.

Two incidents have been reported to police whereby a male has entered medical clinics/practices in the Southfields area and threatened staff with a knife. These incidents occurred on 2 and 4 July 2012. The motives for these attacks is unclear. An investigation was launched on 2 July and significant further resources were deployed to this enquiry when a second similar offence took place on 4 July. At that time officers from our Safer Neighbourhood Teams attended and warned staff working in similar premises in Southfields and a wider area across the Borough. The incidents reported were very specific and the risk to the wider public was judged to be very low.

Within 48 hours the police investigations resulted in an arrest. The investigation continues and a male arrested is currently on bail with appropriate conditions to ensure that there is no further risk to the public. There has been no repeat of these incidents since 4 July 2012.

My officers are called to make these type of judgements daily. I am satisfied that the warnings provided were proportionate to the risk and avoided raising alarm where frankly there was absolutely no risk to the vast majority of the public.

I would always remind people that they can report incidents of crime at any time dialling 999 if the matter is urgent and 101 in other cases.

Thank you
David Chinchen – Wandsworth Borough Commander



You may have noticed in the past few days that we are receiving assistance in London from a number of UK Police Forces as was planned for the Olympic policing operation. Some of these additional officers are being deployed to Wandsworth including, so far, those from Cheshire, West Mercia, Greater Manchester and Lothian and Borders.

All these additional officers are receiving briefings before they are deployed in the Borough and in most cases are assigned a local officer to ensure that they are aware of, and sensitive to, all the Borough’s policing and safety issues.

Today we have substantial policing numbers as the Torch passes through. I fully intend that all this additional police strength is deployed to sustaining and improving the reductions in crime that we have seen in recent years. There may be some unfamiliar accents but I am delighted to see them here and witness their engagement with the policing challenges on the Borough.

David Chinchen I Chief Superintendent I Wandsworth Borough Commander 

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