How the WoW Enterprise Club helps local mothers set up their own businesses

Guest post by Senia Dedic of WoW Mums

W.O.W  Enterprise Club  has been established to help lone parents set up their own businesses, but other people who are planning to do so are welcome as well.

It is primarily designed to help the unemployed parents and single mothers who would like to go back to work, but do not have a lot of work experience, since they have been unemployed for a long time. However they might  have a lot of usefull skills and talents, which they would like to use by setting up their own small businesses. 

W.O.W Enterprise Club will offer  help and support in this field by setting up  the perfect place for networking and discussing their business plan problems and needs with others in similar situation.

W.O.W Enterprise Club is a forum for the newly self-employed people, where they can bring any issues they might have in running the small business or problems they have  in setting up their small business. We plan to invite relevant speakers to our Enterprise club to answer some of their questions. Our already self-employed members are a perfect example of successfull enterprises and could be the mentors to others.

Senia Dedic

W.O.W Enterprise Club will have speakers from Job Centre Plus  to help with relevant topics like: information on Job Centre referrals to GLE, information on enterprise allowance, financial implications of EA on their existing benefits, etc.

WoW Enterprise Club is set up in  Kambala Club Room, 126 Fawcett Close, Battersea SW11 2LU.

It is on every second Friday of the month from 11am – 1pm.

Basic refreshements will be provided.

WoW Enterprise Club poster

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