Put Your Love Letters Up – and other songs of the London riots

Local musician Jamie West has released a song, Put Your Love Letters Up , inspired by the events following last years looting at Clapham Junction.

He says: “I filmed, with the co-operation of Wandsworth Film Office, about the ‘lovewalls’ people made after the London riots last year. I hope you enjoy it – I am a Wandsworth resident, and the film is ultimately about celebrating the place I grew up.”

Jamie is not the first musician to try to make sense of last summer’s riots.

Plan B this week released the fantastic Ill Manors, with a video that recreates the atmosphere of the riots on a London council estate.

London Riots by rap outfit THE UNIT comes at events from several perspectives (rioter, policeman, member of the public etc). This smart take on the riots was released just days after the violence – you can see clean-up work going on in the video.

Finally: a vocoder-tinted dancehall track, Tottenham Riot by Fresharda, also released last August.

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