Stop the Super Sewer ruining York Gardens

Thames Water is building a vast tunnel underneath the river Thames to catch the raw sewage that is usually discharged straight into the river.

Building work for the tunnel is required in the Latchmere area – and unbelievably they are suggesting it takes place at the existing Falconbrook Pumping station – within a few metres of York Gardens Library and the 1 O’Clock Club and adventure playground.

Thames Water’s plan is sketched out below. They haven’t bothered to label the grey box underneath the words ‘drop shaft’ as York Gardens Library. Perhaps they don’t know.

The plan will involve three years of disruption with up to 10 trucks a day driving along a new road created in the park within two metres of York Gardens Library – plus massive cranes working on a nine-metre-wide sewer shaft. See full details of the proposals here.

I don’t think a public park is the right place for this operation – particularly when there is a suitable alternative site in the Bridges Court car park on the other side of York Road. The current proposal would undo much of the good work of our community campaigns to save York Gardens Library and to stop the council charging for the adventure playground.

UPDATE 24.01.12

Good news: tonight I put the case against the Super Sewer shaft in York Gardens at the Strategic Planning and Transportation Committee.

I convinced the Conservative majority on the committee to support my motion to remove the council’s support for this site, but keeping the fall-back that: “Were this site to be used, the Council would require noise and disruption are kept to a minimum and that an improved public space is subsequently provided in York Gardens”.

It is likely that Thames Water will still try to push ahead with the York Gardens site – so it is crucial that local people take part in the consultation.

Please have your say by emailing

Alternatively select ‘Falconbrook Pumping Station’ on the official Thames Water consultation website.

For more information, call the 24-hour helpline
0800 0721 086

You can also write to Thames Water at
Thames Tunnel consultation
Thames Water Utilities
Freepost SCE9923
PO BOX 522

If local people do not respond to this consultation in large enough numbers, then the super sewer shaft will be dug in this public park, seriously disrupting a library and a playground.


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